“Fortune favors the bold.” -Virgil
The most aggressive player and the most agressive teams will always win the game when they combine this mindset with skill. If you have a great jump shot, but never shoot because you’re too timid, you aren’t going to maximize your potential. If you can handle the ball like a pro, but you’re too timid to attack the basket, you’re not going to maximize your potential. You see what I’m getting at? You can have all the skill in the world, but if your mindset isn’t right, you’ll never apply your skills.
Every drill you do, and every workout you complete, needs to have a purpose and must show up in your games. You can do all the cone drills, strength training exercises, and work really hard, but if you’re not doing these with an agressive mindset then you’ll get subpar results. How you do anything is how you do everything. If you attack every workout and every drill, then it’s going to translate when it’s game time.
Here are 5 steps you can take to become more aggresive when it’s gametime.
1)Wake up earlier than anyone else
This gives you a mental edge and demonstrates to yourself the hunger you have for being the best. You can get more done before most people wake up causing you to attack your day and be productive.
2) Schedule your day the night before
Knowing what you have scheduled for the day will ensure that you are keeping the main thing the main thing. You can then go after what you have scheduled. This will help you build momentum and improve your game. You’ll always be getting better day in and day out because you have improvement on your calendar.
3) Hang out with hungry people
Show me your friends, and I’ll show you who you are. If you are around go getters and overachievers then that’s exaclty who you’ll be. Surround yourself with people who make you better, have goals and dreams, and want more out of life. This will rub off and make you want to go even harder.
4) Practice how you are going to play
This sounds like such a cliche but most people don’t really take it on. Play full out in every aspect of your game and every drill. This is not “cool” or “acceptable” on most teams even though it’s what coaches want. Some of your teammates will not like you because you go full out, all the time, and it makes them step up their game. Most of your teammates will want you to do enough just to get by and not have to run sprints. Winners are different. They give it all they’ve got, all the time. In the end, your teammates may not like this at first, but they will respect you when you make them better, and you’re winning games.
5) Never give up
When you have a no quit, no surrender, no retreat type of mentality, you will inevitably produce the results you want. If you refuse to retreat, you will only know how to advance. You will then develop the right actions to be more aggressive on the court and dominate the game.
There are numerous benefits of being more aggressive while on the court. You’ll take risks and chances when it comes to offense and score more points and make plays for your teammates. When you are on the attack in every game, you’ll win more because you aren’t letting outside forces control the outcome. You’re taking responsibility and making things happen through your agressive play on both ends of the court. This sets you up to have a no excuse mindset, and that will be contagious. You’ll rebound more, defend harder, and play all out. You’ll play to win not just hoping not to lose. Aggressive players dictate the action and do everything in their power to force a positive outcome for their teams. You ready to go all in and dominate a game? I think you are too.
Stay relentless. Play the optimum way.
Article by Brandon Cochran
Co-Founder Optimum Basketball
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