Have you ever watched an NBA game? Dumb question… I’m sure is what you’re thinking, especially if you’re reading this blog. I know you’re a serious student of hoops, so why ask such an obvious question? Simple answer, most of the obvious is often overlooked and taken for granted. Most people watch an NBA game, but they don’t study it, absorb it, and learn everything they can. You’re not most people, or are you? Most ball players these days play some pick up basketball, maybe hit the weights a couple times a week, and watch a few NBA games now and then. Do you think this is what it takes to play at the next level? Nope. Not to burst your bubble, but most players in the NBA have played and trained for the game everyday for 4+ hours, maybe taking one day off a week.

What do players on their way or already in the NBA know that you don’t. One word: Training. Train like a pro, and you’ll get pro results. Most players don’t understand the value of focused attention on their game and improving their all around skills. If a guy can jump out of the gym, then he usually tries to dunk on everyone and rarely develops a jump shot. Won’t work at the next level. If dude can shoot lights out, then all he wants to do is camp out and jack up the trey ball. Won’t work at the next level. Don’t get me wrong; You want to be great at one thing, but there are aspects of your game that have to be improved, and you’ve got to be willing to work. The great ones understand this. What’s the challenge with most players? They don’t know what they don’t know, so they reach a limit and never maximize their true potential. This is where a basketball trainer flips the script and will help you change your game.

Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James all have what in common? They’re some of the best players to ever play in the NBA, no doubt, and they also each have a basketball trainer. Why do the best in the game have trainers putting them through countless drills, focusing on every minute detail, and offering their persepective to ensure improvement? Because it works. Every great player understands the value of a trusted eye that can spot weaknesses and make adjustments. Great players accept instruction and have an insatiable desire to learn and do things the best way possible.

Now it’s time to take inventory and do some gap analysis.

What’s the difference between where you’re at now and the next level? That gap can only be closed through smart work combined with hard work. Are you willing to put in the 4+ hours of daily training to  master your skills? If you answered yes, we’ll see you at the next level!