How many minutes are in a High School game? 32. How many minutes are in a college game? 40. How many minutes are in an NBA game? 48.
How many hours in a day does EVERYONE have? 24.
Why so many questions to start this blog post? Because so many players and parents don’t understand the mechanics of a basketball game and how coaches determine who plays and who doesn’t. The only variable you can control is how you maximize the 24 hours YOU have. You need to be improving your game every single day! Coaches know who’s improving and which players are producing results.
Instead of asking your coach for more playing time, ask your coach what areas of your game you can improve. Then go out and improve those areas. When the coach sees your improvement, they cannot help but to get you on the court more.
There are a limited amount of minutes and a limited amount of players that can play in a game. However, each player has the same 24 hours in each of their days. How each player chooses to use their time will directly impact their playing time. One of the worst things you can do as a player or parent is to complain to the coach about PT. First of all, it detracts from the bigger picture of the team, which is to learn to play together and win. When players understand that it’s a team sport and they can contribute in different ways, teams do really well. Complaining will never get you very far. In the game of basketball nor in life.
If you want more playing time, then follow these 4 steps.
1) Take Responsibility
When you own your life and your game, something shifts. You will practice more and work harder to get what you want. If you blame and complain, you will not be all you can be. Take ownership of how hard you are working, and what you are doing on a daily basis. Coaches and teammates will respect this attitude, and it will get you a lot further in life.
2) Have a Great Attitude
Attitude is everything. If you’re negative and you’re not a good teammate, you won’t play much. Basketball is a team sport and there is no room for negativity. Be the most enthusiastic and positive player you can be. It will bring out the best in you during practice and games. You get what you focus on, so if you focus on the good, then you’ll get good things coming back to you. This is a fact. Work on having a positive attitude no matter what.
3) Be a Great Teammate
You will always get what you give. Being a great teammate means to show up on time, make good passes, focus on memorizing the plays, and practicing hard…Every Single Day. Be the player that others love to play with. Why? Because this is how to become a winner. When everyone is playing for each other and for the love of the game, then great things happen. Practices and drills are more fun. Games are so much more exciting and winning together is what basketball is all about.
4) Do The Little Things
If you want to maximize how much time you are playing in games, then don’t forget about doing the little things that aren’t so little. Be early to all practices and games. Show up to practice and games ready to play and be prepared by knowing your team’s plays. Be vocal during practice and don’t back down from a challenge. Run all sprints as fast as you possibly can and DO NOT be outworked!
You can always control your attitude, so do just that. Have a positive attitude and stay focused on improving. You’ll get all the minutes you want in no time.
Stay Relentless. Play the optimum way.
Article by Brandon Cochran
Co-Founder Optimum Basketball
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